February 24, 2010


I was all excited this morning when i heard i was going to work with my foster mom. Wow how lucky i am. Then i got there, sure it was all fun and games until somebody got poked. They suckered me in with good treats and lots of love and attention, they even let me stand on the table. Then the nice lady with the white coat and thingy around her neck gave me a kiss and it was all down hill after that. They were looking in my ears, checking me over, which kinda tickled, they even goosed me. Whats a girl to do. Then it was over they said something about being healthy, happy and very wiggly, then they put me on the floor and were ooing and aahing over me, that was my favorite part. My foster mom always comes home with all these fun smells and now i know why. She has lots of furry friends that she suckers in. But i would go back in a heartbeat. I know she just wants to make sure i am ok so i can find a good home, i keep trying o tell her i am just perfect and would make a great addition to her collection. She tries to remind me that i deserve my own people to love and dote over me all the time. I am gonna take her word for it. Just wanted to thank all my new friends at my moms work for taking such good care of me, Keep the treats coming!!!