June 18, 2010


I met two new friends yesterday, a big dorky chocolate boy his name is Logan and a small handsome boy, Guapo. The big guy made me a little nervous at first, but then i figured it out, he just wanted to play with me. And we had so much fun. I was to fast for them, i was zipping all around the yard. They tried really hard to keep up. We wrestled and chased and wrestled some more. The little guy was fun because sometimes i would step on him and he squeaked. My mom kept telling me to watch my feet. I was trying, but i have never seen a dog so small. My mom told me that these are my new friends and i will be playing with them again. I can't wait.

June 2, 2010


Today my foster mom took me to home depot to see the pink fire trucks. There was 2 trucks and lots of nice people in blue uniforms and lots of ladies in pink. My mom told me they were raising money for cancer. I was super excited because all these nice people were loving all over me and i was loving it. I tried really hard to be on my best behavior. I got to see a fellow BADRAP sister. Her name was Sophie. We did some tail wagging and flirting then i was off to take more pictures. My mom went a little crazy with that camera of hers.