April 17, 2010


Today my foster mom took me someplace pretty special. She took me to a place called Vineyard Dog. When i got there i wasn't sure what to think. It smelled so good and they had toys and beds and food and so many yummy treats. The nice lady that owns the shop gave me so many yummy treats. She gave me a free bully stick and she said it was because i was a rescue. I took my bully stick over to a nice bed that was on the floor. I went over to a bucket that was full of goodies, and took a rawhide over to the bed. I was so excited, i have never been to such a fun place. My foster mom got all of us some good smelling dog bones, she said we had to bring something back Fi and Albert. I guess i can share some of my goodies with them since they share all of their stuff with me. I want to thank the nice lady again for making me feels so special. I hope all of my doggie friends out there get a chance to meet a nice lady like i did. Just remember to be on your best behavior and give lots of kisses, they really like it!!!!!

April 10, 2010


Since the weather has been so nice i have been getting to spend lots of time outside. I really like running in the tall grass. My foster mom has taught me this really fun game. She throws the ball and I chase it and when i bring it back she gives me a treat and it goes on and on. She tells people i like to fetch. My favorite part is when i don't bring it back and then my mom fetches the ball. I get sidetracked with butterflies, bugs and gophers. There are so many wonderful things outside. I am pretty tired after all the fun.Add Image

April 4, 2010


The easter bunny came to see me and left me my favorite new toy, an easter duckie!!!!

April 2, 2010


I was dumped out in the country all by myself a few months ago. It was cold and dark as i roamed around, i heard so many strange noises. Some really nice people let me hang out in their garage and gave me yummy wet food. Then this nice lady( also known as foster mom) came and picked me up. And lucky me i still get to live out here. But now i am getting use to the frogs and the cricketts. The other morning i was told we had wild turkeys out here and peacocks too. There has been talk about a coyote bigger than me. I think i will stay inside for that one. My mom sometimes says we live at the zoo. I think living at the zoo is fun.