March 28, 2010


My mom loaded me up in the car with my brother(albert) and sister( fiona) and took us to this yummy smelling place full of toys and bones and lots of treats. Then she lifted me up into the big sink with a big hose and you won't believe what she did next. She sprayed water all over me and told me i was stinky and needed a bath. Stinky? I worked really hard to smell this good. And she just washed it away. I kept looking for a way out but she had tied me in. Then as she was getting me out of the tub when my auntie came walking in and saved me. She had this red cloth and she was rubbing and loving all over me. She is the best. After we were done my mom bought us all these fancy cookies that looked like a fire hydrants. So i guess it wasn't as bad as i thought it was gonna be. My mom says since i play hard outside all the time that i am going to need these baths often so i need to get used to it. I will do anything for a cookie and some love.

March 21, 2010


These are a few of my favorite things. My mom says i am a hoarder. I just really like all of my toys. I don't chew them up because i don't want them to be thrown away. My housemates are always chewing up my friends so i like to keep them in my kennel. I have asked my mom to lock my kennel so my brother and sister won't steal my toys and ruin them. Thanks mom!!!!