May 27, 2010


I was out playing ball and digging for gophers when my nose began to tickle. It tickled so bad i started sneezing and i couldn't stop. When i got in the house i just kept sneezing. I tried rubbing my nose on the ground but it wasn't helping. So my foster mom loading me up in her truck and off to work we went. When i got there everyone loved on me as usual, but then i began to feel a little funny. I took a little nap and when i woke up my nose didn't tickle anymore. I guess i got into some foxtails. So all my friends out there stay away from those things.

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  1. poor baby! I was dogsitting a friend's dog, and she told me that something was wrong with the side of poor little doggie's face. Duh - no kidding! Swollen, sore etc. I took her to the vet and after a little while they extracted a whole foxtail from her poor cheek. They're nasty buggers! When I lived in New Mexico, sometimes the fields we took our dogs to had these things called goat's head burrs. Awful! They stick in the dog's paws, and man they hurt like the dickens when you pull them out. I guess every natural environment has its dangers. Hope you're feeling 100% better soon!