April 10, 2010


Since the weather has been so nice i have been getting to spend lots of time outside. I really like running in the tall grass. My foster mom has taught me this really fun game. She throws the ball and I chase it and when i bring it back she gives me a treat and it goes on and on. She tells people i like to fetch. My favorite part is when i don't bring it back and then my mom fetches the ball. I get sidetracked with butterflies, bugs and gophers. There are so many wonderful things outside. I am pretty tired after all the fun.Add Image


  1. Hey! My dog plays that game too! The one where I throw something, and I go get it. I don't like that game as much as when I throw something and SHE goes to get it... :)

  2. haha! I had one doggy that used to play that trick on me. But my other dog ALWAYS brought the ball back. It's fun to be outside in the grass, with the nice weather. And it's good to have so much fun, that you're tired out at the end. Then you can take a nice nappy!

  3. You deserve to experience all those wonderful things Pyper. Love that pic of you and your "large pink happy tongue."