April 2, 2010


I was dumped out in the country all by myself a few months ago. It was cold and dark as i roamed around, i heard so many strange noises. Some really nice people let me hang out in their garage and gave me yummy wet food. Then this nice lady( also known as foster mom) came and picked me up. And lucky me i still get to live out here. But now i am getting use to the frogs and the cricketts. The other morning i was told we had wild turkeys out here and peacocks too. There has been talk about a coyote bigger than me. I think i will stay inside for that one. My mom sometimes says we live at the zoo. I think living at the zoo is fun.


  1. Wow Pyper, That is a beautiful picture of you! Living in the country sounds wonderful, and I'm so glad your foster Mom is taking good care of you. I definitely think you should stay away from that coyote! Be careful, cuz we all want the best for you.

  2. Pyper, you have the most beautiful coat! I'm glad you're safe from the creepies of the wild. Although, it sounds like you might contribute to the zoo your mom talks about! :)